Ph.D. Candidate in Theatre & Performance Studies

The University of Colorado Boulder

 expected completion May 2020

My role as a Lead Graduate Part-Time Instructor 

I am currently serving as a Graduate Student Lead. As a Lead, I work as a liaison between the Department of Theatre and CU, Boulder's Graduate Teacher's Program. I organize discipline-specific pedagogical, teacher's training, and professional development workshops. I'm in the process of earning my College Teaching Certification through the Graduate Teacher Program. 

Teaching Philosophy 
Teaching is energizing. I feel inspired and stimulated after a class that has gone well. As an educator from India trained in both India and the United States, my teaching pedagogy includes diverse viewpoints that examine the methodological framework of theatre and performance studies. My philosophy of teaching is embedded in acclaimed cultural critic and theorist bell hook’s notion and vision of “engaged pedagogy.” As hooks asserts in the book Teaching to Transgress, "Our work is not merely to share information but to share in the intellectual and spiritual growth of our students." I identify teaching as connecting perspectives. I demonstrate in class that theatre and performance studies respond to various modes of inquiry: political, analytical, historical, cultural, and sociological. As a theatre historian, I make connections with the materials that are culture-specific, yet transferable to their own experiences. As an instructor, my goal is to create a democratic and participatory space for my students.

I believe in a flexible manner of instruction, as I am aware of different temperaments and styles of learning in the classroom. I encourage the students to use various tools for their personal research sustaining various modes of inquiry. To conclude, I believe that my teaching philosophy nourishes a co-learning model in which students’ ability to critically and creatively engage with the course is enriched, while I critically reflect upon my teaching to develop instructional expertise. In the vein of bell hooks, as an educator, I recognize the freedom in learning. I facilitate and welcome freedom and passion by letting my students articulate their individual opinions, which in return allows me to continue growing as an educator. 

Acting I, Fall 2019​

Teaching Experience at CU Boulder

Acting I


Script Lab

Fall 2019

Theatre and Society


"Jash, you do a great job of keeping your lectures informative and interesting. I think that the amount of assignments is a good balance of course concepts and self-application. I find it more helpful when you review the reading before the quizzes and I think the class appreciates it more prior to the quizzes. Thank you for a great semester!" Fall 2017

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