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Jashodhara Sen is a Theatre and Performance Studies scholar and a Part-Time Lecturer in the Department of Film and TV at the University of Colorado Denver. Her performance practice, scholarship, and teaching lie in the postcolonial studies and theatre of South Asian diaspora, theatre and social change, digital humanities, and community-based performance practices. Dr. Sen’s research and reviews have appeared in Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Ecumenica, Asian Theatre Journal, New England Theatre Journal, and Texas Theatre Journal (forthcoming). She is currently working on a digital storytelling platform for South Asian immigrant women, titled “Leaving Home, Finding Home” that redefines audience-participant relationships in alternative theatrical spaces. For this project, she has received the PAGE (Publicly Active Graduate Education) Award through Imagining America in 2017, Engaged Arts and Humanities scholarship (2018-2019), and Community-Based Research scholarship (2018-2019).  
Dr. Sen earned her undergraduate degree in History from Presidency College, a Master’s Degree in Theatre Arts from Mumbai University, a Master’s Degree in Theatre with an emphasis in Directing from Oklahoma State University, and her Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2020 and wrote a dissertation on the popular-political intermediary performance form Jatra from West Bengal and its unique character of the bibek, the anthropomorphization of the conscience on stage. Most recently, Dr. Sen received an award in directing for the play Shakuntala (adaptation, 2020) produced by the Department of Theatre and Dance at CU Boulder.
Besides her scholarship and artistic endeavors, Dr. Sen loves taking long strolls with her pups while listening to Indian classical music.
Current Research Interests: Bengali traditional and popular performance, Postcolonial theory and theatre, South Asian diasporic performance, digital performance, and community-based performance.
Recent peer-reviewed journal publications
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Community-based Research

Community-based Research Fellowship (2018-2019)

Research Project: Leaving Home, Finding Home: Stories by South Asian Women within the US
Leaving Ho
me, Finding Home is a platform for documenting the autobiographical stories of South Asian immigrant women in the Boulder County community.

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Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Ciplet

Engaged Arts and Humanities Graduate Scholar (2018-2019)

Sen’s projectLEAVING HOME, FINDING HOME is a digital storytelling space by and for immigrant women from South Asia residing in the United States. As a South Asian academic, immigrant, and digital archivist for this platform, she invites women who identify as South Asian to share their powerful stories related to immigration, identity, freedom, and equality. The forum is an open-access website for social networking, connecting with the fellow immigrant identities, and sharing and celebrating both collective and individual experiences.

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